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EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques

As a complementary way of working these are very new discoveries. EFT involves tapping on different points which relate to the body's energy meridians whilst connecting to the difficulty vocally. This enables the body to release negative emotions as well as physical difficulties and the resultant changes can have phenomenal effects on our lives. The beauty of EFT is that you do not have to tell your whole story to be able to release what is stuck, therefore you do not get re-traumatised.

Gary Craig who founded the techniques in the 1990's states that "the cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body's energy system." EFT is like a form of acupuncture without any needles, it is wonderfully gentle. Its roots are in acupuncture, kinesiology and psychology.

The first time you try it I would be surprised if you did not feel a bit strange or even silly. However, I will give almost anything a try and encourage others to do the same, if it works, which it has with lots of people, then go for it.

Appointments last for an hour and a half during which time you can actually learn the basic form to use every day. The basic techniques are very simple to learn, however the effects can be very profound.

For some people one session can be enough, however most people require several sessions.

If you live too far away or feel safer and would prefer the comfort of your own armchair, then we can do a session over the phone or on FaceTime or Zoom.



Thank you for having helped me SO much in the few sessions of EFT I have had with you already.

I am truly amazed that it would be possible to address so much physical and emotional pain so effectively and to feel so safe and expertly guided in the process.

Fiona, Edinburgh